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Feast Your Imagination on New Reads for Summer

With summer on the horizon, it’s inevitable you’re going to be lounging by the pool, at the beach, or in an air-conditioned cafe. What do all of the latter activities have in common? They necessitate a good book as an accessory.

Whether you’re poolside, beachside, or iced-chocolate-mocha-frappĂ©-side, having multiple reading options available can be a welcoming escape. And we’re always on the lookout for new reads for summer!

New Reads for Summer Cornucopia of Books Horse TalesWith the Cornucopia of Books event, you’re invited to retreat into your story of choice. And the best part is, you don’t really have to choose. With the purchase of As Snow Falls by Elle Klass or Horse Tales for the Funny Bone by Bonnie Marlewski-Probert, you’ll receive four other digital books, and multiple excerpts from other beloved authors. We have your whole reading list for summer!

The best part is, you can interact with the authors during this Saturday’s online meet-and-greet event through Facebook as well.

Sign up for excellent reads and share with friends. Your imagination will love you for it!

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